Monday, November 15, 2010

Skalestial Music Station

With liberals being betrayed by our elected Democrats on a daily basis now (more on this soon), I need to cleanse my palate, and that is often accomplished by the soothing and rolling sounds of ska music.  I've decided to share my Pandora ska station with all of you, for you listening pleasure:  Skalestial Music.

It's not perfect, by any means.  I still get a little too much pure reggae on the one side and punk on the other (I have a separate punk station I'm working on, but I'm rarely in a mood where I want the two to mix), but it's nonetheless pretty awesome.  I've put a lot of time into it, more than I'd care to admit, so please enjoy.  If anyone out there wants to share their favorite Pandora station with the rest of us, please feel free.  And if you want to learn too much about my affection for ska music, click here.


Pugs said...

Oh man, did this (and your love of Ska post) bring back some memory overload.

I still relish that feeling of superiority of knowing the local bands, going to the local shows.

FYI, my buddies and I went to see Rush a month or two ago and we got talking about concerts from "back in the day". They got a kick out of the story about when Rage Against the Machine was touring with U2 and I tried to get one of you jokers that decided to take dates to that show to let me go see Rage and then switch out at intermission.

Some were from Utah, so they got a kick out of the "Great Expectations" show that had the Obvious, Belly and Ever Clear (before they had any popular songs), and the girl from Belly said that SLC was her favorite location because SconeCutter rocks.

Good times :).

I'm not going to lie though, I love Ska but my musical preference definitely leaned closer to punk than Ska.

Jacob S. said...

Before Shawn O. left the country we went on a barnstorming concert binge that included the likes of NOFX, No Use For a Name, the Aquabats, Less Than Jake, etc. It was pretty fun to try to recreate the high school concert scene, but I will admit that being a 30 yo going to a concert is much different than being a 17 yo doing it.

I find that as I age, though, my tastes have become more and more mellow and laid back, thus the ska infatuation. I can't bring myself to glom onto any modern music because I'm a curmudgeon and music today just isn't like it used to be. It's all so corporate.

And, fyi, it was Landon and I that took dates to U2 (whom I despise but made for an okay date) and, yes, Rage stole the show. The faces of the legions of U2 fans as they sat and listened to Rage was priceless.

Pugs said...

I just remember in the planning stages that I was on board to attending the concert and then all of the sudden it was spoken of as a date thing.

The tickets were like 50 bucks as I recall, so in no way was I dropping a hundred bucks to see that concert presumably with some girl that would just look at me funny for being one of the 9 people standing and/or moshing to Rage.

Interesting musical side note: When I went looking for Tom Steele on facebook I sent him an "authentication" message to see if he was THE Tom. He responded to me with some musical memories of how we both were really into the band Downset.

I wouldn't have the energy to go to a concert like that anymore. My knees and ankles were sore enough after simply standing around watching Rush play for 2 hours.

Looking around the crowd though, Rush made me feel young again going to concerts since once again in my life I was attending a concert that _maybe_ as a generous guess had 7 girls in the crowd.

Shawn O. said...

Blasted NAFTA and your empty promises! No Pandora in Canada, so I can't tune into the SMS...