Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The "White Horse" meets Eric Cantor

A quickie: all those folks worried about the Constitution "hanging by a thread" have a new enemy -- Eric Cantor:

Eric Cantor supports destroying the Constitution

This is Tea Party delusion at its greatest -- destroy the Constitution in order to save it. Since I'm a self-declared Millennial Positivist, my belief is antics like this will doom these guys to irrelevancy. They might try and succeed in one or two states (maybe. And that's if everything goes exactly the way they planned), but it won't take long for people to realize how ideas like this run strongly counter to their interests.

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Shawn O. said...

Maybe he's on to something. Who wants direct election of senators anyway? Wouldn't be great for the state legislators to pick the US senators? Then we could have some real nepotism in play! That would be AWESOME!