Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Huntsman the Environmentalist

I think Jon Huntsman might be campaigning for my specific vote.  I'm not sure he even cares if he becomes president, as long as I vote for him.  Because, really, I can't see who his constituency might otherwise be.

Huntsman recently had dinner with a bunch of environmentalists and declared that "conservation is conservative."  Add this to a list of other moderate-to-liberal stances, and I'm not sure Huntsman has a firm grasp on today's Republican Party.  This is not a party of moderation, generally, and certainly not a party hospitable to even inklings of environmentalism.

I've already expressed a little political crush on him, so if he keeps reaching out to me personally like this I'm in trouble because my steamy new political partner is the Green Party and I don't want them getting jealous.  But a moderate Mormon environmentalist as President of the United States?  That's hot.


Architect said...

Unless you join the "R" party you will not likely have an opportunity to vote for Jon.
I'm starting to think about changing my party affiliation so I can get into the fray. I know, I know, Californians can't vote in the primaries till June 2012 and by then it will all be decided. Perhaps I'll stay with the Libertarian Party after all. :)

Jacob S. said...

I would love the opportunity to vote for Huntsman, but you're right that it isn't likely to happen as he is just kind of treading water right now in the primary fight. In the mean time I hope Republicans start taking him more seriously. Maybe I'll get the chance in four years.