Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Millennial Positivism: An Introduction

People's ideas about of the "last days" and all the various events leading up to the Millenium inform their political views, both inside and outside of the Church. Up until now, I feel that the conversation about those events has been dominated by what I'll call the "doom and gloom" school of thought. This particular viewpoint is based on the idea that the majority of the world is wicked, a small minority is righteous, and even the righteous people will barely survive the spiritual and temporal onslaught until Christ appears to rescue them and usher in the Millennium.

My aim is to present a more "positive" version of the "last days" narrative to counter the "doom and gloom" viewpoint over a series of five posts. Since this is the introduction, here's an outline of what I plan on discussing:

1.) Jacob Chapter 5 -- Breeding Out the Bad Fruit.

2.) The Day Dawn is Breaking.

3.) A Positive Reading of the Book of Revelation.

4.) Circling the Wagons vs Lengthening the Cords.

5.) The Church, a Rough Stone Rolling.


Jacob S. said...

I linked to this blog post before here, but it fits in perfectly with your idea. It's called Mad Max Mormonism vs. Star Trek Mormonism from New Cool Thang:

I look forward to reading more about this.

Andrew said...

Great post, I agree with a fair amount of what the OP is saying. I think the prophesies are still true (i.e. we will have a Second Coming and a Millennium), but how we get there is different from the "Mad Max" version of things.