Thursday, September 10, 2009

Democracy is Action, pt. 2


Rob Miller's Act Blue Page

Check that out; Rob Miller has raised a couple hundred thousand dollars since last night. Joe Wilson's little comment might have literally cost him his seat in Congress. Stuff like this makes my day. Not just for the comeuppance (although I admit to getting some joy out of that), it's also a real demonstration of how small contributions can combine to send an obvious, powerful, and real message. Joe's take?

Joe Wilson's Slatecard Page

This guy was probably bought and paid for by insurance companies, so I guess he doesn't need to worry about whether or not normal people will donate to his campaign.


grayfox said...

They are all bought and paid for (both sides) which is why we will never see single payer in our lifetimes and the public option will die or emerge as some horribly crippled shadow of what it could be and will only help to provide insurance and pharma companies more profits.

Daniel Hicken said...

What you bring up is what I fear, grayfox, although I really hope that this breech in decorum truly hits Wilson and the Republican party hard -- and by that I hope that they quite fighting to get as far right as they can and start fighting for what the Americans who support them believe in.

grayfox said...


Do you fear the public option, or fear that there will be no public option?

Agreed, today I have seen more coverage on CNN on Wilson than on the presidents speech itself.

Which have been sadly mirrored by this blog.

The guy did a dumb thing, he apologized, the president accepted the apology, time to move on.

Andrew said...

Ah, but move on to what? The vision you offer is very bleak and I don't agree with it. That's the reason for my posting of these things; a positive change can happen in South Carolina if Rep. Miller gets elected. We can "move the needle" by donating to his campaign. If this happens in enough districts, then over time we get more and better Democrats. Perhaps Miller won't be one of the "better" Democrats; it's sometimes hard to tell until they've had some time in office to demonstrate what they're really going to do. In those cases primary elections become important and the same process can apply there.

grayfox said...

I was hoping it could move on to serious debate regarding health care reform however the right continues to play the "socialism" card with stories of scary government bureaucracies deciding who lives and dies despite the fact private insurance management already does that, and that's for those who have the means to pay for the privilege of possibly getting treatment from insurance you're paying into.

I can understand Wilsons immediate political opponents capitalizing and focusing on the remark but I am bothered it is still very much in the media scene.